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The meaning of "Scale" in figure descriptions

The meaning of "Scale" in figure descriptions

Do you know what the 'scale' refers to in figure descriptions?


It indicates the ratio at which the figure has been created compared to the real proportions of the character.

It is a complete miniature version of the character.

For example, a 1/7 scale means that every distance (height, clothing, length) has been divided by 7. 

1/4, it's divided by 4, 1/5 by 5, and so on…

So a 1/4 scale figure is always bigger than a 1/7 figure?

Well yes and no. In practice, yes, because most humans are usually the same size, the smaller the scale number, the bigger the figure will be.

However, a 1/5 figure of Godzilla will be bigger than a 1/4 figure of Vegeta!

So what's a non-scale figure ?

A 'non-scale' figure typically means that distances have been adjusted to better fit the desired style for the figure.

It is usually done artistically or to create a better impression for the figure.

So which is better ?

Well it really only depends on you.

Some appreciate the realism of scalable figures, others prefer the artistic liberty of non-scale figures.

It's up to you to decide!


Source: Images courtesy of "Yume x MRC Repaint 2D by Jonathan Fernandes" and “Nikkei Asia”