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DIG-ROCK Rubile Candy Charm

DIG-ROCK Rubile Candy Charm


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DIG-ROCKCutie Candy Charm Vol.1 & Vol.2

Akane Higurashi / Kurono Tokito / Mashiro Fuyuki / Kiyoshi Sumizome8 piece set(Separate sales consultation required)

In order to organize the goods, I will give it to the same Rubile box endorser.All items are unopened and stored in a dark place.There is a slight printing misalignment in Vol.2.Although there is no noticeable damage, there are individual differences in printing and processing, so please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details including initial scratches.2 volumes of cushioning material + OPP enclosed → Scheduled to be shipped by Nekoposu.If you don't mind a higher price, you can sell each character or series individually.

If it can be bundled with other exhibits, we will deduct the shipping fee.Please refrain from any other price reduction/reservation negotiations.