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Pokemon Concierge: A Sweet Netflix Treat - We Want More!

Pokemon Concierge: A Sweet Netflix Treat - We Want More!


Let's talk about our experience watching Pokemon Concierge, the delightful stop-motion animated series by the Dwarf studio, absolutely adorable... but too short!

About the project

Back in 2019, when Netflix announced the production of a stop-motion animated series featuring the adorable Sanrio mascot, Rilakkuma, we absolutely loved the idea, to the point where we still talk about it regularly today. Completely charmed by this adorable little series consisting of 13 short episodes, we eagerly awaited the announcement of a new production from the Dwarf studio last February. Just imagine: this time, the small animation studio was tackling Pokemon, the iconic franchise from the late 20th century that shaped the imaginations of many kids born in the 90s.


Thus, with the series Pokemon Concierge, or "La Réceptionniste Pokemon," the studio made its return to the catalog of the American streaming giant. Snuggled up warmly in our blankets on December 28th, we watched the four tiny episodes that were available. But wait... four?! Yes indeed. While Rilakkuma and Kaoru offered a storyline that was admittedly simple but still kept the viewer engaged over about ten episodes, Pokemon Concierge was a bit less generous, with an ultra-short format that sadly didn't allow us to fully enjoy the experience.

Haru is a young, shy woman who struggles to make new connections. Always hesitant, constantly questioning her choices, she turns into a ball of anxiety when the pressure becomes too much. After overcoming a breakup (with someone who preferred to break the news to her via text...), she decides, for once in her life, to take the initiative and apply for a somewhat unusual job... as a receptionist in a hotel that welcomes both human and Pokemon guests! When she arrives for her interview with the boss, she learns that she'll be hired on the spot if she can use her first day on the job to make at least one Pokemon happy. Initially lost with so much responsibility, Haru eventually explores the small paradise island where the hotel is located and meets a little Psyduck, a particularly troubled client with frequent headaches, who is also very timid...

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