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The manga "A Robot's Love" by Hana Editions

The manga "A Robot's Love" by Hana Editions


Hana Editions announces the arrival of a new manga in their catalog: "A Robot's Love" (Tarinai Futari) by kanipan.


Knowing full well that he can never be with his boss, Kio Shioumi hides his feelings for her behind his smile. One day, his very stoic coworker Osamu Bannai realizes the situation and openly asks him what it feels like to be in love.

Already caught off guard by this question, Kio is even more surprised when Osamu asks him out! Osamu wants to know the real Kio, not the character he has created at the office. This true robot with a human appearance and a Kio feeling lower than the ground therefore embark together on a relationship in search of the true meaning of love.