Japan Culture Stock (JSC)

About Japan Culture Stock
What is Japan Culture Stock

Japan Culture Stock is an online shopping service of Japanese products.

We help our customers to purchase Japanese products from Japanese online marketplaces and auction sites and ship them to their countries.


Why we are able to provide the services at lower prices?

We are able to offer our services at surprisingly low prices because
- we have managed to systematize many tasks.
- we place orders after we receive orders from our customers, thus minimizing inventory risk.
- we don't add large margins to the item prices or international shipping fees.

How can I purchase items using the request function?

1. Please submit a request for an item
If you have already found the item you want on a Japanese online store, please send us the URL of the item page. If you have found the item on a blog or other website, but have not found the item on a Japanese online store, please send us the URL of the blog or other website and a photo of the item. JCS will find the correct item for you.

2. Please add the item to your shopping cart
If the item suggested by JCS meets your needs, please specify the quantity, size, and color of the item and add it to your cart.

3. Please pay for the items and the domestic shipping fee
If you are satisfied with your order, please pay for the items and the domestic shipping fee. After the payment, please specify your preferred shipping method.

4. Delivery to our warehouse & storage
JCS will purchase the items on your behalf. It usually takes 2-3 days for the item to reach our warehouse.
Items sold at flea market sites may take 1-2 week(s) to arrive.
* Items that are on backorder or pre-order may take longer.

5. Please pay the international shipping fee
After your items are packed and weighed by us, you can pay the international shipping fee from Japan to your home.

6. Receiving your package
Please wait for 1-2 week(s) for your package to be delivered to your home.

Is it possible to create multiple Japan Culture Stock accounts?

As a general rule, only one account can be created per person.
If you need to create multiple accounts, please let us know in advance why you are creating them.
Please note that if you do not provide us with the reason for creating multiple accounts in advance, we may place restrictions on the use of your account.