Japan Culture Stock (JSC)

Refunds, Returns and Cancellations
There was a problem with the product I received. Can I get a refund?

Returns, exchanges, claims, etc. regarding merchandise shall be accepted only within 7 days of receipt of the merchandise.
Members agree that if, as a result of inspection, it is discovered that the actual product differs from the description of the product on the seller's online shopping site, the Company may negotiate with the seller for a return or refund of the product. The Company shall refund to the member the amount of money returned by the seller as a result of such negotiations. The Company does not guarantee the results of negotiations to members.
If the member returns merchandise to the seller in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the member must bear the cost of the return shipping and handling as well as the actual cost of return shipping.

Can I cancel the purchase of an item that has not yet been shipped to JCS warehouse? If so, will there be a cancellation fee?

In principle, cancellations will not be accepted after an order has been placed. 

If an item I ordered is sold out, can I get a refund?

You will only be charged for the item we were able to purchase.

My order was cancelled. When will I get a refund?

Refunds usually take between 5-10 business days.

I placed an order but some of my items got canceled, will I receive a refund?

We will only charge you for the items we were able to purchase.

My preorder item has still not arrived and its passed the shipment date. Can I cancel my item?

In most cases, your item will arrive within 1-2 months.
If the seller approves cancellations for preorders, we will charge you a cancelation fee and proceed with canceling it for you. However, please keep in mind that most preorders items can not be cancelled.