Japan Culture Stock (JSC)

How much does it cost?

You always pay the following fees:
- Item price
- Japan Culture Stock service fee: JPY500 / item
- International shipping fee

You sometimes pay the following fees:
- Taxes in Japan
- Domestic shipping fee
- Bank transfer fees incurred in Japan
- Optional Service fees
- Customs duties
- Import taxes and fees

You never pay the following fees:
- Registration fee
- Membership fee
- Standard packaging fees
- Costs relevant to consolidating multiple items
- Basic communications with the seller/consignor

Is there a registration fee for Japan Culture Stock?

No, there is no registration or membership fee.

How much is the service fee for Japan Cuture Stock service?

Our basic service fee is a flat fee of 500 JPY per item, regardless of the item price.

You purchase three identical t-shirts (same color and size) in one order, the total service fee will be 500 JPY in total.
You purchase three T-shirts in different colors or sizes, the total service fee will be 1,500 JPY.
Each shirt is considered a different item due to the difference in colors and sizes.

What is included in Japan Culture Stock basic service fee?

Our basic service fee includes the following services.

- Basic communication with the seller/shipping company
- Purchase of items within Japan
- Quick inspection of items
- Consolidation of items
- Packing & shipping of items

Our basic service fee is sufficient to cover normal requests. (So far, more than 90% of requests have been classified as normal requests.)

How long will I be able to keep my items in JCS warehouse for free?

You may store your items for free for up to 30 days.
Every day at 7pm, our system will check your items and charge you 50 JPY per day for each item that has already exceeded in 30 days (every 24 hours after the item arrives at our warehouse counts as one day).
This extension storage fee is applied 30 days after the items are physically present in our warehouse. For example, if you asked us to ship an item on the 30th day, the warehouse storage fee will still apply until you pay for the international shipping of the items.
Please note that it usually takes a few days from the time you asked us to pack your items to the time the packaging is completed.
We will dispose of the items after 90 days, and will not compensate for the disposal.

Can I preorder an item?

Yes. Please note that there may be an additional fee. Please feel free to ask our team about it.

Can you consolidate my order?

Yes, we will consolidate your orders properly according to our standards.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order on My Page.

How many items can I store at the Japan Culture Stock warehouse?

There is no limit of items you can store at our warehouse!
Just please note that you can store up to 20 unshipped items for free. (Meaning you have not paid for the international shipping fee yet.)
After your 20th unshipped item you'll be charged an extra